So, if I “had” to choose only one place to visit in all of Egypt, it would be Luxor – hands down.  We spent two very full days in Luxor where we saw Karnak Temple (constructed between 1500 BC and 332 BC – yes, that’s right: it was built over 1,200 years!), Luxor Temple (which was also constructed around 1500 BC until around 1000 BC – was later used as shelter for the Christian Crusaders – was then buried in sand when, around 1100 AD, the Abu Haggag Mosque was built ON TOP OF IT!  Let’s just say it was cool, shall we?), The Valley of the Kings (where, from around 1500 BC to 1000 BC, many of the kings were buried.  There are NO PICTURES ALLOWED.  So, of course, I took some.  And got caught.  And got kicked out.  It was totally worth it), Hatshepsup’s Temple (this one was built for a WOMAN who essentially stole the crown from her stepson ((he was only six at the time)), “somehow” convinced the high priest to convince the people that she was not only a MAN but also the son of Amon Ra – the god.  The priest did, and she ruled Egypt for around 18 years when she died and her stepson ((now VERY pissed)) went around the country destroying any and all monuments she had built for herself), and took a felucca ride (sailboat) down the Nile River to a banana farm.  Our felucca was sailed by a guy named Moses.  I couldn’t make that up if I tried.

So.  Yeah.  Luxor, baby.  I can’t wait to go back and do it all again!