It’s been a few years since I’ve attended an AWP Conference (Associated Writing Programs, for all you non-writerly-types out there).  This year’s conference was in Seattle.  And since my university is cool enough to pay for stuff like this, I jumped at the chance to go.

The weather was perfect (high 50s and sunny!) and the food was outstanding.  Check out the street creperie! I drank WAY too many Starbuck’s chai lattes (What?! There is LITERALLY one on every corner…and sometimes two) and got lost trying to meet up with my friend who said she was at the 5th Street Starbucks.  HA!  There are, like, 12 Starbucks on 5th Street.  I kid you not.

The architecture was a beautiful blend of mid-century and modern and the people were super nice.  Possibly because marijuana has recently been legalized…but, you never know.  Maybe it was the sunshine?  But the highlight – hands down – was Pike’s Place Market.  I spent an entire morning and afternoon there and, really, could have taken another day (at least!) to meander the multi-level indie shop mecca that is the market.  There’s also a nice (if small) green space next to the market that overlooks the water and – in the distance – Mt. Rainier.  Breathtaking on a clear day.

Sadly, I did not have the time to take the Bainbridge Ferry which, I’m told, is a must.  Next time… for sure.